About me

Luna and Bucket, my beautiful dogs.
Mom and I at Stonehenge.
Thanks for visiting my blog! I have to admit, I'm not the best about keeping up with life on here, but patience is a virtue and I promise I will try to be better!

As for me: I'm a journalist, a hobbyist and crafter by nature, a God-follower and a "mom" to two mix-breed dogs. In addition to those two beautiful furry ones, I have a wonderful family, which includes my amazing parents, one strong-willed grandmother who has helped make me the spunky woman I am, a brother and sister-in-law I love love dearly, two beautiful nieces, and an amazing husband who's a bit crazy about me, along with his wonderful kids.
My fella and I, with my brother
photo-bombing in the background.

Writing is one of my joys. It's something that relaxes me and helps me make sense of this crazy world.

This is my way of sharing some of those details of my life,
pondering the curiosities, questioning...I hope you enjoy it.

Traveling is another one of my passions. I think it is important for people to travel and see the world.
You can't live your life cut off from the rest of the world.

And I don't believe it's enough to just be here. You must see and experience as much of it as you can.

Bucket. Such a
sweet boy :)
Luna! Isn't she a beauty?
As for the hobby/crafting...I was a fan long before it was cool. Blame my mother. I remember she and my mamaw making grapevine wreaths every year and creating things to give as Christmas presents. It's easier to find ideas these days and I am actually crazy enough to try some of those things you see on Pinterest! Bless my husband when I say, "hey honey, could you help me find (fill-in-the-blank)? I saw this thing that I want to try to make," and he responds with, "yea, beautiful, we can find that" or "yea, beautiful, I think you could make that."

 If you want to keep up with me in other ways, you can follow me on Twitter or send me an email.

*Some of the images on this site are not mine and I claim no ownership of them if that's the case. I can, however provide you with the links, most of which can be found by clicking on the photo.*
That's just gorgeous.
My first booth!

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