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Flowers, flowers, flowers

"A wedding is a funeral where you can smell your own flowers." ~Eddie Cantor
Maybe that’s not the most fitting quote for this, but I find it kind of hilarious.

I don’t think a wedding is synonymous with a funeral, however, I can symbolically why they would be compared. I mean, you are starting a whole new life with a new person. The old version of you, while not dead, is definitely not who you remain. You can’t possibly remain unchanged and have a successful marriage.
Anyway, the reason I really chose this quote is because it talks about flowers.

Maybe this is most fitting. “There are always flowers for those who want to see them.” ~Henri MatisseFlowers are an essential part of any wedding. There are many varieties and colors. So many choices you could easily get lost in them all.
Generally, people pick flowers they like or base it on the seasons and colors. Myself, I’ve never been much of a cut flower girl. I love fields of wildflowers, spring fields of Easter lilies, bushes …