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Where's that hair from?

Those aren't grey hairs, they're strands of glitter growing from my hair. -Unknown
I used to think it was funny when my mom had a “granny hair.” 
You know the ones, the hairs that grow uncontrollably out of your chin?
Well, mine have started. Only they’re coming out of my forehead, not my chin.
My husband does say I’m a unicorn. That’s his sweetness showing, telling me I’m his unique unicorn. Now I have proof that he’s right: I have hairs growing where my horn would be. (I'm not the first one to reach this awesome conclusion, clearly, read here, but be warned of language.)
My mom’s as great moral support about it as I likely was for her — “reach up there and pull that baby,” was her response.
No thanks, mom. Never mind I made the discovery on my way to a work-related meeting, during which I hoped that no one noticed the white/blond horn on my head. 
My grey hairs are showing up, too. Not that it’s a major crisis. My brother was about my age when he started getting gray hair — it …