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UC Participating in Yellow Ribbon Program

By Kendra Peek

Military servicemen and women and their families may find it a little easier to pay for college starting this fall. Beginning August 1, 2009, the Yellow Ribbon Program will go into effect at University of the Cumberlands and other institutions nationwide.

This program, which allows colleges and universities to join forces with Veteran's Affairs, will pay for part of a veteran's college tuition. It also extends to veterans who would like to attend graduate school.

According to Chuck Dupier, VA Certifying Official at UC, the VA will look at all state-funded colleges and after picking the one with the most expensive tuition, will take half of that and pay it toward whichever school the veteran has chosen to attend. However, that is only if the school will agree to match that amount.

Acceptance is on a first come, first get basis, according to Dupier, who added that some schools have a limit on how many veterans they will accept under this program, but as of right now,…