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Hope for Haiti

Note: This is my newest editorial, which appears in the January 27 issue of The Patriot newspaper.Turn on any news channel, read any newspaper or open any web page and much of the information found is related to the tragedy in Haiti. Everyone has a connection. News organizations and journalists are scrambling to find someone with a friend or relative there or someone who is making an effort to raise funds or provide supplies or services. The world is waiting eagerly for reports, footage, and the latest news. Especially news of hope.While watching the Today show early in the week (the first hour with Matt, Ann, and Meredith, which I rarely get up in time for) I heard about how searchers were still looking for bodies. It was almost a week after the horrific earthquake struck and rescuers were still finding people who were alive. People who had managed to survive for a week under all the rubble. Over the course of the past century, there have been many events, man-made and natural, that …

The creation of a blog name

As you may see, my blog now has a name.
For days I struggled with creating a name for my blog. I know, that almost seems silly, putting so much pressure on such a small part of it. But a name is a big deal.
Humans must categorize things. I think that's part of why we insist on naming things. It's part of who we are; we can't not name things.
I was constantly asking friends for assistance in this venture. Everyone asked me the same question, over and over again (well, after they got over the surprise that I had a blog). It was always "Well, what's it about?"
Every time that was a question I dreaded.
To be honest, I'm not 100 percent what my blog is going to be about yet. I think it's a work in-progress. Writing is a major part of it, but who doesn't think that about their blog. It deals with my life, so travel is going to be a key element. And I wanted it to be something clean and simple.
Several of my friends have told me that seeing and hearing abou…

Why journalism?

Part of being a journalist is the unknown. There is a certain mystery that goes along with the field. Not the job description itself, that’s pretty straightforward; journalists are there to tell a story.

The mystery is the journalist themselves. We are required to be silent and not get in the way of the story. Yes, journalists present the story, but mainly, they stay silent and out of the way.

Another mysterious aspect of being a journalist is the details beyond the basic definition. There is no guarantee from day-to-day. That’s what makes it such an interesting job. One day, there may be a story on a tragic wreck. The next hour, the story may be a human interest piece on a family. There is an element of change and surprise.

I can’t wait to start my career. The prospect of hearing and sharing people’s stories interests me. It’s what makes life matter, knowing and caring about others and sharing that knowledge with the world. I’m an optimist and a dreamer. I imagine myself being one of th…

Why start blogging?

So I've had a blog for almost a year now. However, I haven't been using it, well, at all really. It was just this thing I made for a class one time. But this week I began thinking about it and I realized that it was crazy.

I claim to be a writer. I spend hours upon hours on my computer. Sometimes I'm writing. Usually, I'm facebooking. The limited writing I do tends to be classroom-related or newspaper-specific. Which is sad.

Thus, I'm truly making use of my blog. I hope to use this to help with my writing and how often I write. Hopefully, it will help me prepare more for my future in the field of journalism.

Right now, it is simply going to be entitled "Kendra" however, my suitemate has a different idea. I'll consider it.

So here goes, my first blog entry that isn't required for a class. I probably won't write every day, but hopefully every few days or every week. This is my challenge to myself. Come up with a topic every week. More often than tha…