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When to be still

"Be still and know that I am God." -Psalm 46:10a
I debated about writing this one. This is definitely not a post for everyone.

You see, it's rather personal, but all of mine are usually personal. But this one is personal in a different way. In fact, this one is likely for women's eyes only — because I suspect men don't want to think about that big taboo thing we women deal with once a month.

I'm going to talk about that cursed time of the month. The horrible visitor we all get.

Or wish to get.

Have I lost all those with delicate sensitivities to this yet? Please come back and visit some of my other posts. But I understand the need to skip this one.

See, in my case, it's been more than a few months. And no, I'm not pregnant. BELIEVE me. I've checked. And checked and checked.

I was an early bloomer. Fourth grade. It's not fun trying to sneak open feminine products in an elementary bathroom, but I did. I vividly remember someone asking once who w…