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Poor as church mice

If you think nobody cares if you're alive, try missing a couple of car payments. ~Earl Wilson
This has been a stressful month and it’s only Jan. 17.

It’s really kind of a series of stressful months in our house — it always seems there’s more month than money.

Coupled with that is the feeling that we always somehow find a new and unexpected bill in our box each month.

Especially since I had surgery in September.

I certainly didn’t expect all of the bills that came from that. Due to our income, we did get a break on one of those, but we still have plenty of others to make up for it.

Does it ever feel to you like the bills, the worries, the general stresses of life are overwhelming?

For me, it does. Financially, things are tight for us. Christmas this year was a lean one, with small gifts and a lot of homemade stuff going out instead of store bought stuff.

I always feel nervous when I give someone a homemade gift. Will they appreciate the time and effort that went into it? Will they use it o…