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You matter.

My heart is saddened tonight.

Earlier today, a little behind the curve, I learned of the loss of a beautiful 15-year-old girl. I didn't know her personally, I'd never had the opportunity to meet her.

And I never will.

But I knew a few of those who knew her. Those who loved her and whose hearts are breaking for her.

My heart breaks for them and for her. For the future she no longer has. And for all of those like her who feel they can't go on, who are seeking relief from their struggles.

Every 13 minutes, another life in the United States is no more because of suicide.
In September, I wrote about a lady named Kelly who had answered God's call. She moved from her home in Harrodsburg to Gordon, Nebraska. It's a town that borders the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. The reservation, or Rez for short, is a place full of family and history. It's also a place full of heartache.

It's a place where jobs are limited and futures are difficult and hard-fought.

"Some d…

WELCOME MARCH! (Or, thank goodness February is over!)

"What if your blessings come through rain drops? What if your blessings come through tears? What if a thousand sleepless nights are what it takes to feel you near?" -Laura Story, 'Blessings'
Wow, what a week. 
It has been a week of tears and stress and more. 
There have been so many times I wanted to sit and write, but there was no time. So my mind is still running rampant with the multiple posts I wanted to make — bear with me as I weave them together.

On Sunday, surrounded by her children, their spouses, and some of my wonderful cousins, my grandmother passed away. She was 91. (Here's her obituary.)
Prior to her death, I had taken some photos, to start copying them. My cousin had made a disc for us when my grandpa passed in 2007 and I wanted to expand that idea. Not because we knew when she would pass — there were speculations, but we didn't know, really. I wanted to do that just because I had wanted to do so for a while.
Looking through the photos, especially that …