The purpose of a blog

If nothing ever changed, there'd be no butterflies.  ~Author Unknown
Me with two friends in 2010, just after I had moved to
Knoxville for grad school.

When I began writing on this blog three years ago, it was for a class. Mostly. It was largely to share what I was learning in college, but also a way to flex my writing muscles and have a little fun.
So much has changed in my life since 2010. Back then, my biggest stresses were how well I was going to do in class, now my stresses involve editors. In those days, I strove to not upset the RAs — was even one of them for a few years — or the dorm directors. These days its
My fella and I at my grandma's
90th birthday surprise party

making sure my rent and bills are paid on time and my neighbors don't get too sick of hearing my dogs. And guys, well, let's be honest…they were just classmates. Now, I'm happily committed to a fantastic guy who absolutely adores me. I had very limited responsibilities, now I care for two pups and sometimes for his two children...

My how life has changed. 

Over the years, the blog has changed too. It reflects life, which never remains the same. Sadly, in recent months, it has been neglected as life became very hectic. And I miss that. I miss the enjoyment I get from simply letting my thoughts fly.

Don't get me wrong. Every day, I write something. And I enjoy those articles, I do, but there's nothing like just letting your thoughts and opinions and frustrations and discoveries fly out on the page, your fingers moving as rapidly as little hummingbirds…just enjoying it. Not because it's required but simply for the love of writing.
My babies :)

Sometimes, when I hear students say they hate writing, it saddens my heart a bit. And I wonder if my Math teacher friends feel the same way about someone saying they dislike math.

Anyway, long trip around and back to the point.

Things change. It's very possible the blog will change more in the near future. See, I've always been a big crafter. I love it. It's something that challenges me, forces me to think differently, to see differently…I love it. So, I'm contemplating making the blog focus more on those endeavors as well. It seems a waste to let it sit so unloved so much of the time. :( While I am sometimes brain dead, as far as writing goes — after all, I do it nonstop at work! — the crafting uses a different way of thought. It relaxes me. :)

Plus, I want to sell more of my stuff. Trust me, I have a spare room full of yarn that needs a new home! It's just itching to become something…so, use your imagination. What can I craft for you?

As always, everything is made with care…hence the name of my little crafty endeavor: Made with Kare. So make sure you come back and check it out. I think I will morph the blog into more explanations behind the creations and how they came to be, etc., for those folks who want to try to DIY-it. I welcome DIY-ers. It's great fun!

Anyway, enjoy the new direction! I haven't yet decided if the site's background will change or not…We shall see, friends, we shall see.


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